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We are committed to establishing a trust-based relationship with our customers in the construction process, and offer the most reliable construction services. To ensure that your house or building is fully habitable all construction work is done meticulously and flawlessly by our trained, professional workmen. When you hire us, you can rest assured that all contracted work is completed in the most reliable and cost-effective manner possible.

What are extensions?

Extensions are basically an addition – a new room or structure that is added to an existing building.

This addition to homes is becoming a common choice for homeowners looking to get the most out of their available space. With fees and stamp duty to consider, as well as the stress of purchasing a new home and rising property prices, an extension can often be a more cost-effective choice.

The form and size of a house extension is determined by the homeowner’s needs, budget, and the site’s viability. There are various types of extensions that can be done; most commonly a single-storey extension, a two-storey/multi-storey extension and basement extensions are preferred by many.

However, some house additions require planning permissions which are also known as permitted developments. For instance single-storey rear extension cannot exceed 4m and so on. Similarly, if the structure is located in a protected area, it is more likely that approval would be sought.

What you need is an extensions contractor that understands all of this, and we are the people for the job!

Why you need extensions

Rather than putting down a large deposit on a new house and paying movers to transport your belongings, investing the money in an extension can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What’s more, home extensions are a great way to get the exact amount of space you need while still allowing you to use it the way you want. This adds to the excitement of taking on this project since it is quite a drastic change.

You can not only save money in the long term, but home extensions are also a perfect way to increase the value of your home. Additionally, you should solicit feedback from others who share your home, ensuring that everyone is fully satisfied with the design.

When to build extensions

Whether it’s for a new kid, a family member, or simply to have more room for leisure purposes, you’ll need to figure out what is your exact purpose of getting an extension for your house.

Some people will choose a new home with additional play space, and others will choose to create an addition to their existing home.

Having the ability to extend your home gives you the freedom to design the home of your dreams. You should choose an extension type that you would not be sorry for adding on to your house, whether it is an extra bedroom or a new place for everyone to enjoy.

Quality guaranteed 
Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding extension services with our trained, expert team of builders and engineers. We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of professionalism, support, and workmanship possible.

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